Hi, I’m Fiona. I help people take control of their lives & achieve true health by eating more plants.

Yes, it’s possible!

I believe:

Everyone deserves to be healthy, eating more plants works for everyone, and learning how to do it doesn’t need to be that complicated.

I believe you are what you eat.

Your cells are literally created by the food you consume! So making empowered choices about what you build your body with is the key to your wellness.

I believe plants hold the keys.

Cooking plants correctly is something few people know how to do and most people need help learning. Once you do though, plant-based food can be the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted!

I believe you can choose to be healthy, and with the right guidance, anyone can make that choice.


I know you’ve tried it all before.

I know you’re worried eating lots of plants won’t be exciting or delicious.
I know you’ve tried every diet and fancy new product, looking for the one thing that will take you from feeling blah to bomb.
I know you’re ready to throw in the towel and call it a day on trying to improve your health.

I know, because I’ve been


What if I told you that the reason these approaches didn’t work is because your needs are unique, and that I can teach you sustainable and delicious ways of adding more plants to your diet?

Consider this

Despite all the amazing advances in medicine and technology we have in our modern world, true health still begins and ends with what we feed our body, and how we take care of it.

Still looking?

Yet you’re still looking for that one thing that will get rid of those stomach aches, clear up your skin, strengthen your immune system, and give you the vitality you’ve only dreamed of, right?

As hard as it is to believe, plants can do all of that, and much, much more!


Do you ever wish you could find someone who would help you cut through all the noise and give you the tools you actually need to thrive?

Someone who wouldn’t recommend a complete overhaul of your diet overnight that leaves you unhappy, unsatisfied, and frankly, just plain OVERWHELMED? Someone who understands that your diet is unique to you and works with you to craft the right diet for your needs and lifestyle?

I’ve got good news: You’ve
found her.


A little bit more
about me

Plant-Based Personal Chef & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, M.S. in Hospitality, Entrepreneur, Global Citizen,

Wife, Daughter, Friend, Sister…

A Glimpse Into How I got Here

My passion for plants & health started in childhood

Growing up in a family of eight, there were always many hungry mouths to feed and dinner preparation each night quickly became my favorite part of the day. Helping my mother prepare healthy meals centered around whole plant foods every evening instilled in me a deep passion for cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, and feeding other people.

My teens sent me into a decade of illness

I suffered through sickness, joint pain, horrible acne, chronic inflammation and major digestive issues. It got so bad that I spent months at a time in bed from gut issues, limping around on crutches from joint inflammation, and years upon years of blunted self-confidence due to a face full of pimples.

I decided I needed to know more

I spent the next several years learning. I got my master’s in hospitality management because I knew I wanted to help people have amazing experiences. Then I worked my way through plant-based culinary school, eager to enhance my cooking skills. Finally, wanting to understand the science and power behind plant-based nutrition, I studied to become certified in holistic nutrition.

Then plants joined the party

After trying all the different diets, reading up on all the conflicting approaches to nutrition, and growing increasingly desperate, thinking I’d never feel better again, I finally decided to go completely plant-based in 2016. I thought I’d try it for a little while and then go back to eating animal products and gave myself a thirty-day plants-only challenge. But in those thirty days, the incredible diversity of plant-based foods and cooking methods opened up a passion for plants in me, and when the thirty days were up, I just kept going… and I’ve never stopped.

Enter Plants So Good

Now we’ve reached the present, where I’ve combined my passion for helping people with my education in plant-based cooking and holistic nutrition, along with my success healing my own gut, skin, inflammation, and joint pain, to create this community. Plants So Good allows me to help more people eat more plants, feel amazing, and live a life in which they can truly thrive. I hope you’ll choose to thrive with me.


If i can go through all that and come out the other side vibrantly healthy, virtually pain-free, with the clearest skin i’ve had since i hit puberty, then so can you!

I want to help you become the most vibrant, thriving version of yourself you can be, all by eating more plants.

You’ve made it this far.
Don’t give up now!

Choose your path
to health below:


Option 1

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Plant-Based

Get started on your plant-based journey with The Ultimate Guide to Eating Plant-Based and learn the foundations of eating a plant-based diet in a healthy sustainable way.

Option 2

One-on-One Coaching

Dive deep into your unique health requirements & learn how to heal your body, make incredible plant-based food, and thrive like never before in my individualized health and nutrition coaching program.


Option 3

Free Resources

Want a whole bunch of healthy, delicious recipes plus loads of free resources on plant-based cooking & nutrition?

What others are saying

“Having a personal chef with expertise in menu planning, preparation and cooking was the perfect birthday idea for my 20-year-old son who just recently committed to a plant-based diet.”


Laura M.

“Working with Fiona and her team from Plants So Good really was a pleasure beyond words. The dinner she prepared for our wedding was phenomenal, and the service she and her team provided was of the quality of any high-end restaurant.”


Morgan P.

“Fiona is extremely open to feedback and is truly invested in providing the best experience for everyone involved. A pleasure working together – and of course eating the delicious meal!”


Laird P.

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